Good morning italo ,staying warm i hope? Last night in Montreal it was 8-9 degres its getting tougher for me to get out in the morning more of a summer guy,use mainly plastic s,i fished last week,rock bass were hitting hard thats allways fun,when can i expect that fall frenzy i keep hearing about i m looking forward to it, what should i be looking for? Do the weeds break up ? Do i stick to structure seeing how i never fished passed august, like always thks for your time,i watch ur shows regularly appreciate the tips and advice happy fishing stay safe

Posted on September 11th, 2020

Hi Adrian, still warm in southern Ontario. In the fall when we get consistent colder temps at night and during the day the surface water temps drop dramatically until the denser/colder surface water drops down to the warmer water, mixes and then all the water is cooler. This is called “fall turn-over”. When this happens weeds start to die and fish leave the shallows and move slightly deeper. For many fish species this is when they “school-up” together before heading deeper and ice-over. At that time if you find rose schools you can have non-stop action. This usually happens in Oct./Nov. depending on how cool our fall gets. Fish with a Passion.  God bless you, Italo

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