Good morning Italo, question regards to best catch rate hooks. What type of hook should I get for walleye when using pickerel rig? Yesterday I think I hooked 2 big walleye (3lb+) and both of them were hooked and gone, my friend (4 years fishing experience) is blaming my stock walmart pickerel hook which come with the packages, I they said I should get at least octopus hook. They also blame my drag line setup is way to heavy. Please advice what is the best catch rate hooks? And is it has something to do with the drag? Thanks a lot in advance!

Posted on June 25th, 2015


Best hooks to use with the pickerel-rig for larger fish like walleye is either a #6 or #4 baitholder hook. The shaft is the ideal length & they are heavier steel (won’t bend like the gold-plated, thin hooks that come in the rig pack). Drag setting is very important. For hook-sets it should be very tight so that no drag sounds when you set the hook, and only engages when a larger fish starts to fight. Good test is to set the drag by pulling the line from off the rod-tip (not at the reel).

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