Good morning Italo Im looking for some advice when using a lindy rig to troll in shallow water for walleyes what speed is best How much line should be let out is angle of line to water important Does the bait being trolled drag on the lake bottom I know this is probably one of the simplest tactics for walleye but Id like to apply it correctly. Typically in the spring our family has a blast jigging shallow for eyes but there are some days that the bite is slow I figured this year Id try the Lindy rig approach to stay busy. This is the second time Ive asked for help the first time your advice worked like a charm thanks again

Posted on March 27th, 2015

Hi Vaughan…When trolling a live bait rig in shallower water it’s a good idea to fish at least 50′ behind the boat and make “S” trolling patterns to cover as much water as possible. Good trolling speed is 1-2mph. An electric trolling motor works extremely well since it is quite. A 1/4 oz. weight will work well if you are fishing in water less than 15′. If you are trolling deeper water, you may want to go heavier in weight so that your presentation touches bottom at least every 5 sec. Besides using the Lindy Rig, I would really encourage you to also troll slowly using a single blade worm harness that is tied on a fluorocarbon leader. If you are fishing water less than 12′ deep I would really also encourage you to us in-line planer boards to get your presentation away from the boat….God bless you, Italo

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