Good morning italo hope your doing well, i fish mainly rivers wanted to ask your advice on lead jighead or painted when can we get away with what, do you think eyes make a difference?and when to go weedless or weighted,do you have a general rule on hook size for plastics ex 2/0 hook for 3 inch .. how about 5 inch swimbait or longer worms? Like always thks for your time stay safe and take care

Posted on March 8th, 2021

I’m doing well, thanks. For all-round jigging an unpainted jighead works fine. Sometimes in clear water I use either a black, pink or a white jighead to match the color of the soft-plastic/bait I am using. If I’m using a painted jighead I think eyes help for predator fish to zoom-in on the jighead. When I fish turbid waters I will go to a yellow or chartreuse jighead. I rig weedless when I’m fishing cover and weeds and regular (non-weedless) if I’m fishing open water. If I’m using a jig with a 3-4″ soft-plastic I use a standard jighead equipped with a #2 jig hook. If I’m using a 5″ soft-plastic I usually use a# 1/0. For longer plastic worms I will use up to a #6/0 hook depending on the conditions (large for flipping or smaller for casting/retrieving)…God bless you.

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