Good morning Italo! Few years back your niagara show got me back into fishng after a 15 year break. Question: Im looking at the river hawk boats and noticed that they have a picture of you in one of their boats. Since I dont see many guys with boats alaska boats around I ask if you could share some feedback on the boats and power sports the guys that sell them in North York. Tank you in advance for your input. regards kris D….

Posted on March 27th, 2015

Hi Krsi….Glad you are back into fishing. I have been using the River Hawk boats all this season. I started with the 16′ & 50 hp., 4-stroke Yamaha, fully rigged with Humminbird 500 series sonar on the consul & 300 series at the bow, & Minn Kota 80 lb. thrust Terrova electric. I used that boat until the 18′ River Hawk was ready, again fully rigged with a 115 hp., Yamaha 4-stroke, Minn Kota Terrova 80 lb. thrust electric, Huminbird 800 series on consul, 500 series at bow, which is the boat I am presently using now. Both boats ran and handled very well with the horspower they were/are equipped with Alex & Igor at Power Sports Depot have been excellent. They rigged both boats with a custom live well at the bow of the boat and a wash-down pump/hose at the stern. River Hawk boats are build in Oregon, USA and designed to be fished in the big coastal rivers and in the ocean. They are a solid, completely welded (even the cleats, eye-bolts, consuls, windshield frames, etc.), and have a “scoop” front that enables them to navigate in very shallow water. Some on the coast are equipped with jet-drives. Both boats handed excellent in rough water and run well at top speed. They may not have the large bow elevated platform that other “fresh-water” aluminium boats have, but it’s plenty of room for me and my guests. The River Hawk series of boats are deep and I have no reservations fishing the Great Lakes at any time, afterall, they are designed for ocean boating/fishing. I would really encourage you to have Alex or Igor take you out in an 18′ similar to the one I am using…you will be impressed, it’s like a “hot-rod” and top-end, all-round fishing machine! If you watch the new series when it starts in Nov., you will see lot’s of fishing action in all different types of conditions and for different species with both River Hawk boats….God bless you, Italo

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