Good morning, I caught the last few minutes of your show on you kayak fishing …with your dog . I have been looking for a kayak for exactly that . To go fishing and have my dog with me .what model is it and where do I get one ?Love your show Ed.

Posted on February 10th, 2018

Hi Ed, both my dogs really enjoy fishing with me in the kayak. I usually take one at a time with me just to keep things on the safe side. The kayak I was fishing in the show you just watched was the Pelican Catch120. It has a good amount off room behind the seat for even a larger dog (my dogs are around 50 lb. each). The Catch120 and the NuCanoe are two of the most stable kayaks I have fished out of. The NuCanoe has a very special “tunnel-hull” which makes it incredibly stable even if you stand up in it. I would encourage you to check both out. Enjoy kayaking with your pup….God bless you.

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