Good morning ,hows it going? My question is i find myself watching more tv than usual like everyone these days,i see alot of Fisherman to the south of us,im from Montreal usually fish a basic grub in rivers around here .i see all kinds of plastic on tv worms,craws,bugs,critters you get the idea ,do you think that stuff like wacky,ned rig neko type of finesse fishing would work given we live in a colder climate,like always thks for your time stay safe and happy fishing

Posted on June 6th, 2020

Hi Adriano, things are good thank you. Hope you and your family are safe also. Montreal has good fishing. The last time I was near there I was fishing at Sorel for walleye and sauger. I don’t know if you fish from a boat or just from shore. If you only fish from shore you will be limited to the soft-plastics you use. If you fish from a boat here are some good soft-plastics to use for different species:

-round jighead with either a Fin-S Fish or Grubster to fish along the bottom for walleye & smallmouth bass that are actively feeding.

-ned rig, neko rig, wacky-rig, shaky rig are all used especially for largemouth bass when they are in-active in clear water. They work well early and late in the year when water temps are cooler and throughout the summer when water is clear and fish are lethargic (like during mid-day)

Hope the above helps. God bless you, Italo.

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