Good evening Italo, We are big fans of your show and appreciate your tips and explanations. We are headed north this summer in search of monster pike. Besides tossing spoons and swim baits I thought i’d try my hand working jerk/twitch baits. I’ve loaded my tackle box with a stunning arsenal of Rapala X-Raps, Shadow Raps, and husky Jerks. I’d like your opinion on what kinds and types and of leader i should be using? I plan on tying some 60lb flourocarbon leaders to help with any post spawn leader shy monsters but fear the heavy swivel and snap swivel may impair the action/buoyancy of my jerk bats – should i be concerned? Also, if i use a braid or mono for a main line what would be the main concerns for each and what rod action and length would you recommend. Basically, I’d like to prepare my son’s rod and my rod a little differently. Maybe a Mono and a titanium leader set up for him (9yrs old), he’ll primarily be chucking spoons and put a good braid coupled with a good flouro leader for myself to work the jerk baits. I’d appreciate and comments or input you may have.Thanks again

Posted on February 28th, 2019

Hi Vaughn, thank you for your kind words and excellent questions as you prepare to target big pike this summer. I must tell you that Pike are not leader shy since they are very aggressive by nature and focus on the lure when attacking. If the water was cold (right after ice-out), and the pike were more lethargic I would say go with a 60 lb. fluorocarbon leader (since they would be more sluggish and most likely hooked just in & around the mouth), but in the summer time when they have lot’s of energy I think that’s a “no-no”, especially if you are going to be fishing smaller 10-14cm Rapalas like the Husky Jerk, X-Rap, Shadow Rap and 4-5″ swimbaits like the Lunker City Shaker .  I have lost many of these lures by having my 60 lb. fluorocarbon cut off. There is a very good chance that a BIG pike over 40″ will inhale these lures and a good chance that their teeth or gill-rakers will cut through the fluorocarbon during the fight or attempt to land them. For that reason I would recommend you either consider using a black, standard multi-strand, coated wire leader, or if you don’t mind investing the extra money, using a Titanium leader like the Stringease or VMC brand. With regards to main line I would suggest you use 40 lb. test braid  has the diameter of 12 lb. monofilament, it will cast farther, won’t interfere with the action of even the smaller baits and will give you exceptional hook-sets. Just make sure your drag is set tight. Hope you have a great Pike adventure and looking forward to seeing your catches….God bless you.

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