Good Evening Italo. hope all is well and if you are like me these cold days are getting me excited for theIce fishing season. which leads me to my question. I’m doing research for walleye fishing on Erie. I’m in Brantford and was hoping there was something closer then Bay of Quinte. but seems BOQ and the US side has the big ones. Do you know other popular Erie launches for Ice fishing in my area? thanks in advance and take care!

Posted on December 7th, 2016

Hi Mike, the eastern end of Erie has a great spring/summer/fall fishery, but the walleye migrate west as water temperatures drop and unfortunately if you want to catch Erie walleye through the ice, the best fishing is in the western basin and on the Ohio side of the lake.


That is where the habitat is similar to the Bay of Quinte, water is mostly less than 25′ deep and with large flats dissected by navigational channels.

Bay of Quinte still remains your best bet!

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