Good evening. I want to help conserve the walleye population on my lake for years to come. Can you please recommend a size of walleye I should be releasing. For example .. I have a personal rule to release all walleye 25” and longer. I very much appreciate your opinion and if you could forward me a link to any document action or articles I would appreciate it. Thanks! Jeremie

Posted on February 4th, 2020

Hi Jeremie, I would encourage you to contact the OMNR&F head office in Peterborough and speak to the head biologist and have him send scientific data on the best size walleye to retain for consumption. As a general guideline “juvenile” walleye between 14-17” are ideal for harvesting but this can vary from lake to lake depending on the population size/age. The biologist will be able to provide you with the best technical data…God bless you.

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