Good day| Love your programs. Could you steer me i in the right direction? I would like to go to seminars or clinic on bass fishing but don’t know when or where to go. THX Mark

Posted on January 11th, 2018

Hi Mark, thank you for your kind words. I don’t know about “bass-clinics”, but I can suggest that you try and catch all the seminars at the various consumer shows like the Toronto Boat Show, Spring Fishing & Boating Show and Toronto Sportsmen Show. I do seminars at all those and some of the top bass anglers in Canada also do seminars and many are on bass strategies and techniques. The other suggestion I would make is for you to join a local Bassmasters chapter and go to monthly meeting, get to know some of the guys and even fish with them. Anglers are usually happy to share their successful techniques and presentations.  Then there is always searching the internet for educational videos. For example over the last 2-years I have produced over 70-Rapala educational videos and many are on bass tactics. Those can be seen by going to the Rapala Youtube Channel or the Italo Labignan YouTube channel. And lastly, you can go to our channel and check out all the bass shows I have done over the last 32 yrs. I try to give many tips in all of the shows I host….God bless you.

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