Good day Italo, I’d appreciate your opinion on mainline options while bottom bouncing walley. I have a couple of 7′ spinning rods and 2500 series spinning reels I’d like set up. I’ve already pre- tied my crawler harnesses with fluorocarbon line, my question is if I can use a braid rather than a mono for my main line? I’d like braid but fear losing fish and tackle due to lack of stretch. Thoughts?

Posted on April 16th, 2017

Hi Nate, braid line will outperform monofilament for bottom-bouncing. Because of the low diameter of braid there is less water resistance and you will  be able to keep a “straighter” line to the bottom. The no-stretch will enable you to feel the bottom much better. Since you are using fluorocarbon for your worm-harness material you will have some stretch. I would really encourage you to spool your reels with 20 or 30 braid line. If the reels already have monofilament line on them I would leave half of the existing line on and only “top-off” the spools with braid….God bless you.

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