Good day Italo. I was wondering about the uses of snap swivels. I use them for more less every application. Mostly because it is more convienient to interchange lures especially in a canoe. I realize that they hook their share of vegetation but do they hinder the performance of some baits especially ones that you are not retrieving quickly jigstubesgrubs etc Is there a time and place for them and should some baits never see a snapswivel and just have the line tied directly to the lure Which ones need it and which ones not only not need it but are negatively affected by them thankyou for your time!

Posted on August 4th, 2011

Hi Curious Canoe….Good question.  When not to use snap-swivels for non-toothy fish:

  • hook with live bait, prepared bait, spawn-sacks, etc.
  • jigs/plastic grubs
  • plastic swim baits
  • Texas rigged-plastic worms
  • Flippin’jigs
  • plastic topwater baits (frogs, mice, etc.)

When to use snap-swivels:

  • crankbaits
  • hard twitch-baits
  • spinners
  • spoons
  • vertical jigging spoons
  • topwater lures (plugs and weedless spoons)

If you are fishing for toothy fish, it’s a good idea to use a heavier fluorocarbon or metal leader with or without a snap-swivel (depending on what lures you are using).,,,God bless you, Italo

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