Good afternoon Italo hope you n the family are doing well during this time. Not sure what episode it was or who was in the boat. You were using calamari in bait heads. Do you remember what episode that was. I grab a pack of frozen calamari. Not sure how you cut it up for the bait heads. Thanks for a great show tight lines

Posted on March 26th, 2021

Glad you enjoyed that Canadian Sportfishing episode fishing with my good friend Aldo Nava who operates . Also has been experimenting buying large frozen calamari, cutting the body into the same shape as a “cut-bait’ to fit into the Luhr Jensen Cut Bait Heads and he also treats them by coloring them a bright green and storing them in a brine solution. When we did the show I was impressed at the number of fish we caught and also that the calamari strip stood-up to catching many salmon/trout.

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