God bless you Italo. I asked you about catfishing last time I emailed, baits etc. I couldn\’t find any frozen smelt at the grocery store last week-end, but the frozen sardines looked kind of like large smelt. Last Sunday with a noodle rod I had bought the day before, my first fish was a 6 lb channel cat. I proceded to catch 15 bullheads, 1-3 lbs over the next 4 hours. Lots of fun, and I know there are bigger cats waiting for me, so thanx. Wondered if I could pick your mind again, what with the new noodle rod and salmon and trout runs approaching soon? I live by Hamilton Harbor, and cycle to my fishing ( with my waders ). Do you know if Grindstone or Spencers Creeks support a steelhead or salmon run, or perhaps any other streams in the area,I could check out this fall? Again God Bless, your cut bait advise was top notch. Thanx I\’d love to fish with you one day. O I haven\’t found those bass or pike in the Harbor yet, but I was after cats last week. I\’m going out on my bike tomorrow a.m. at 5 armed with rapalas , hula poppers and daredevils. Will let you know.

Posted on September 5th, 2008

Hi Alfie…Glad you had some fun with the catfish. There is a small run of salmon and rainbows in GHrindstone Creek, but it\’s minimal. You are better off cycling to Bronte Creek to do your salmon/trout fishing in the next few weeks. One of the best places to fish when the fish start running is an area called “Petro Canada Park”. This spot is right across from the Petro Canada reservoir tanks, below the QEW. The first few deep pools up from the lake will produce the most fish when they start running. Hope you catch some pike and bass. If you had a canoe or small boat it would really increase your chances of catching nice fish fishing the open-waater weedbeds…God bless you, Italo

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