Fishing for Walleye on a lake with a very soft bottom.Hello,I fish on a lake where there are walleye and muskie, this lake exists because it is used as a storage lake for the trent severn waterway. The bottom of the lake is very soft and the water is a deep green colour. The bottom is so soft that if you stand on it you can sink at least 1/2 foot. I worry that if i use a jig, the jig will actually sink into the bottom. What would be the best technique to use to fish for walleye in this type of environment?Looking forward to your advise.Thanks Chad

Posted on June 18th, 2015


Walleye like to feed over a silt bottom. Jigs can work well if you know there is a concentration of walleye. Walleye that are used to feeding over a silt bottom will certainly strike a jig even if it falls into the silt. If the walleye are dispersed it will be better for you to drift with the wind using a Vibrax #2 or #2 spinner/worm or a worm harness/worm. You can also slow-troll with either an Original Rapala or Jointed #11 Rapala. With any of the above techniques try and keep your lure swimming within 2′ of the bottom.

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