First time fishing in Canada for Northern Pike. Getting conflicting information on the best fishing line to use for monster pike. I have invested into 15Lb test Pline Floroclear. Is this the right line to use or should I be using something else?

Posted on April 9th, 2016

You can use monofilament or braided line for pike. Not sure what you mean by “monster pike”. Most pike in Canada average 5-10 lb. with a trophy considered over 42″. Some pike over 46″ are caught, but rare.


If I am casting lures I choose to use the Sufix 832 in 30 – 50 lb. braid on either a spinning outfit, or baitcaster. I find the braid casts further and because it’s no-stretch I get excellent hook-sets. Good idea to use a multi-strand stainless, Titanium  or 50-80 lb. Fluorocarbon leader.

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