First let me say, it was totally amazing to meet you on Sunday…finally!! I am the girl who eagerly listened to your workshop at the Toronto Boat Show. We even took a picture together! You are amazing!!! Anyway, I am finally taking the plunge and I am going to “buy THE BOAT” I am so excited…almost too excited and I am afraid to make a mistake. I guess my biggest fear is being taken advantage of by the “salesMEN” I am looking into a boat that would serve all my fishing fetishes and my need to be on the water all the time, but also something that will server the kids and the rest of the family so we can have fun together. I am looking for a deck type boat or even one you can sleep in (although I think sleeping in a boat might be a bit much!!!) The boat I am looking at has 5 options for a trolling motor and I have no idea what I should do…same with the Sonair fish finder depth thingamagigy GPS (which I think is cheating) Can you help me figure this out or at least direct to me someone or someplace that can???

Posted on February 1st, 2017

Hi Christine, so nice to have met you. I with other anglers would share your excitement for our wonderful sport!


To best help you I would need to know the length of the boat you have in mind, the configuration (cuddy cabin/where you can also sleep), or other. Fiberglass or aluminum. Sharing the actual boat model you have in mind will really assist me so I can help you….God bless you.

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