ear Italo We would love to fish for Sturgeon is there any spots in Ontario that you would suggest Is October the season We are from Toronto and wouldnt mind couple hours of drive please kindly provide us with the location details as to where to park our car and how to access to the fishing spots… we have been to many internet suggest spots but some are private and some are not even there… so please kindly suggest us with the details

Posted on September 18th, 2009

Hi Bushi…Sturgeon populations in Ontario and especially in the Great Lakes region have declined significantly over the years to the point that you cannot target or keep sturgeon in many areas.  Even though you can catch sturgeon in the Niagara River, there is no fishing season for them.  The Detroit & Sinclair  Rivers have a fishing season for sturgeon, but you cannot keep any.   I would encourage you to check with the Ontario MNR fishing regulations before you decide where to fish by going to, http://www.mnr.gov.on.ca/en/Business/LetsFish/Publication/STEL02_163615.html .  I don’t know of any regions in Ontario  where you can still fish for sturgeon where they have a catch limit.  I do know that the tributaries that flow north to James Bay (Region 8), in Ontario do have good populations of sturgeon, but again they have an open season, but you are not allowed to retain any.  These would include the rivers around Kapuskasing, ON (Groundhog, Matagami, Kapuskasing, etc.). To find out specific fishing spots in that region for sturgeon, I would suggest you contact Dave Barbour, Biologist at the Kapuskasing MNR District Office (705) 335-6191 .  One of the best times to fish for sturgeon in Ontario is right after the season opens for them in the spring/summer…God bless you, Italo

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