During the winter months I can only get out to fish mainly when it’s dark out so I’d still like to go ice fishing when it’s pitch black outside but I don’t know what lures I should be using to attract panfish and Pike? Do glow lures work better do scented lures work better I’m not too sure and I’m just worried that I’ll be wasting my time with a lure down there with no light or glow light and the fish won’t be able to see it or find it I’d love to hear your thoughts the only light I ever have with me is my headlight that aims at the hole sometimes but that’s all the light. Would it help the fish find The lure if I were to aim my headlight at the hole while I’m fishing?

Posted on January 14th, 2022

Hi Spencer, if you’re planning to target fish at night any time of the year, including through the ice, Panfish and Pike are not good species to go after in the dark since they do most of their feeding during daylight hours and at dusk/dawn (before nightfall).

Any anglers I know that ice fish at night are targeting Burbot (Ling). Some catch Whitefish at night, but most of the whitefish they catch is during the day.

Having said the above, the lures you use or colors won’t make a difference if the fish are not feeding at night.

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