Do you trust solunar calendar at all? Or place and weather is more important? I have been fishing using with pickerel rig in same spot as last summer where last summer I got a lot of walleye and the solunar calendar tell it is a good day to fish, but only got a carp no walleye at all. It is in a stream connecting lake not in the mouth but pretty close. I switch it to a sandy place close by and got a walleye , 4 pike during the day.

Posted on May 19th, 2015


The moon definitely has an affect on animal/fish activity. I know that if it’s a half-to-full moon phase, there is more light going into the water at night and walleye will be more actively feeding at night, which will make for tougher fishing during the day. On the other hand, if it’s a “no-moon”, to 1/2 moon, walleye will be doing less feeding at night and will be easier to catch during the day. But, walleye move a lot when they feed, so areas that have produced walleye in the past, may not be that productive in the future, so walleye anglers will do best to change locations until they find fish, like you did!

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