do you have any tips for me on ice fishing for brown trout what about brook trout i will be in shallow waterless than 10 feet thanks

Posted on March 27th, 2015

Hi Dylan…I have never ice fished for brown trout, but I have or brook trout You can just use a small minnow on a hook near the bottom. I normally fish areas that have a mud-bottom and I jig with a small Lucky Strike spoon like the Gem, Nugget, or the Smorgy. I normally tip the spoon with a minnow and jig it slowly right near the bottom. I also look for large trees along the shore that have fallen into the water or beaver den’s and fish the water right in front of both. Minnows will often feed in the branchs of the trees that are in the water and also around the beaver “food-stash” which they make by piling poplar tree branches on the bottom of the lake near their den (for eating in the winter). Those are good areas to fish around for trout…God bless you, Italo

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