Do you have any experience with the mepps tru-v comet spinners for brown trout? I know that blue fox vibrax is popular and I have caught trout on them but these also look promising. Have a good day Italo!

Posted on September 2nd, 2017

Hi Dako,  I am familiar with them. The UV finish maintains the color at different depths whereas the standard gold/silver/black blades fade in color the deeper they go. All spinners in the right size and fished the proper way can work well for all species of trout, steelhead and salmon. The key is making the right presentation to areas where you believe fish are holding. In lakes spinners can be cast and retrieved or trolled along shorelines and around structure areas. Sometimes to get the best presentation with any spinner you have to add a split-shot sinker or two about 15-24″ up the line to get the spinner to swim to the proper depth. Retrieve speed can also be very important and experimenting until you get results is the best policy!

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