Do walleye generally like bright colors for plastic grubs and plastic worms? Pink white yellow? Also, do you have to jig and move the grub or can you just leave it stationary and still catch walleyes? Thank you!

Posted on July 25th, 2016

Hi Dako, walleye have very sensitive eyes especially in low light conditions or in turbid waters. Bright colored plastic grubs do indeed work well for them in yellow, chartreuse, pink, white and even black.

057A9317 lunkercity_shaker_walleye

It definitely helps if you move the grub gently close to the bottom often “jigging” it for an up-down, swimming action. I do really well also using paddle-tail grubs like the Lunker City Shaker pictures above. The yellow color combination used with the “side-to-side” tail flapping really works well to get walleye to hit and any water conditions.

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