Do browns and rainbows swim up streams from lakes in the spring and fall also? I think that browns spawn in the fall but steelhead seem to spawn in the spring? Thank you!

Posted on August 16th, 2016

Hi Dako, most of the steelhead we have in the Great Lakes are a “winter-running” strain. This means that they enter river systems as early as Sept./Oct. and on wards and spawn through the winter time. Some steelhead finish spawning in March & April. That’s why the regular season for them does not start until the end of April.

057A4698 classicoutfit_steelhead

Browns on the other hand start to enter tributaries as early as Aug., and do indeed spawn in the fall. They usually finish spawning by late Nov./Dec. Some browns can remain in the tributaries after spawning right until late winter before dropping back into the Great Lakes.

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