Dear Italo,What can you share concerning the use of inflatable PFD’s inside Canada? Specifically, Transport Canada’s website clearly states operators of pleasure craft are not permitted to use an inflatable PFD, and yet you are seen on TV operating the boat you’re on while wearing an inflatable PFD. In Ontario for example I have been informed the MNR has no mandate to enforce this however police indeed can, as well as Coast Guard. I would love to use an inflatable but fear of getting fined given I operate the boat.Reference quote from Transport Canada:”Inflatable PFD are another option but for them to work properly you must understand their operation and maintenance requirements. You should also check which boating activities they are approved for, under the Small Vessel Regulations. For example, people less than 16 years of age or who weigh less than 36.3 kg (80 lbs.), and operators of personal watercraft are prohibited from wearing an inflatable PFD.” enjoy your show and please consider some more episodes fishing rivers for trout. I was lucky to have seen you and Henry years ago in Thunder Bay at Intercity Mall. If you recall, you guys awarded me a nifty Plano tackle box with your TV program’s name on it for asking a question about the Color-C-Lector that was a leading edge new device at the time.

Posted on April 25th, 2016

Hi Steve, Wow, you just brought back a lot of memories when we traveled and did our Mall Show series. Glad you got that Plano tackle box. You raise an excellent question. Yes, I have worm inflatable PFD’s up to last year. I have worn those PFD’s, but also had regular PFD’s in the boat.


Things seem to have gotten pretty complicated, especially when you don’t have to wear a regular PFD (just have it in a readily accessible location in the boat). You know, for this year I think I will go without wearing one, that way things will be kept simple. We did an excellent tributary fishing show that is presently airing on WFN, hope you enjoy it. Hope you have a great season….God bless you.

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