Dear Italo,Thank you very much for honest answer to my question regarding joining you on the trip.I would like to ask your opinion on the subject of walleye tournaments: this is another something that gives you one time experience and likely very challenging one. Would you recommend or know anybody who would like to have a partner for this type of adventure? I haven’t participated in tournaments before, but have been fishing for walleyes for quite some time. Please let me know your thoughts?Sincerely,Sergey Novoshinov

Posted on October 24th, 2019

Hi Sergey, fishing tournaments are a great way to make new fishing friends and sharpen-up your fishing skills and to have a chance of winning some prizes. I don’t know of individuals who are looking for a tournament partner personally. I would encourage you to contact Andy Polotta who runs the CSFL Fishing Tournaments . He operates multi-species events and would know if someone is looking for a fishing partner. You can reach him at, COMPETITIVE SPORT FISHING LEAGUE​ 215 Loretta Crescent Stouffville ON L4A1H4 EL 905-640-2277FAX 905-640-2278 …God bless you.

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