Dear Italo,Thank you for answering my question about Spanish river. We had a good time overall and enjoyed seeing pre tournament action of the pros on water.Now my question to you is this , would it be possible at all to join you one day/night for any of your walleye fishing trips/shows? I know it may sound impossible, but when you really believe, sometimes your dreams come true..The walleye fishing is really what I love to do, although I am catching other species on the way too.Sincerely, Sergey Novoshinov

Posted on October 17th, 2019

Hi Sergey, glad you had a good trip on the Spanish River and caught walleye. People to often join me at locations where I am filming and enjoy the same walleye fishing I show on-camera, but they fish from separate boats while I film. We usually get together early in the morning before getting out or after dinner to talk about the days experience. I don’t have any shoots booked yet for next season but I would encourage you to keep in touch with me and I can let you know when we’re filming locally. It could be the Bay of Quinte, Lake Erie, Lake Nipissing, or other drive-to locations…God bless you.

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