Dear Italo,I am planning fishing trip end of September to Spanish river with main target is being walleye. Please let me know your opinion on this trip?I fished there in spring with good success but I am not sure about Fall season there. We fished in spring below the dam at Espanola and stretch of river near Massey.Thank you very much in advance.

Posted on August 27th, 2019

Hi Sergey, tough to give you an educated answer since I have not fished the Spanish River in the fall. I can tell you that walleye make both a spring (for spawning), and a fall (for feeding) migration to the same areas and are especially drawn to moving water during both seasons and especially at dusk/night. The only challenge is that the later you get in the fall that far north, the weather becomes very unpredictable and cold fronts can really hurt the fishing.

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