Dear Italo this is a two question question.Fisrt question I live in Niagara Falls is there any good cat fishing aroundmy wife would like to try her hand Two: I enjoy kayak fishing but my wife is the only other person I know who enjoys kayak fishing if you are ever in the N.Falls area and need a kayak fishing partner please feel free to email me and I would be glad to go gliding with you. refering to the feeling you get when you yak on calm water

Posted on January 24th, 2015

Hi Scott….There are many places you can fish from a kayak close to Niagara Falls. You have a choice of the following: Top place to catch channel catfish is in the Grand River, below the Dunnville, ON dam in March/April. You can catch them there all season long, but they are there in big numbers early in the spring. The second best location is the Welland River, between Welland, and Wellandport, ON. Again, best time to fish there there is early spring. Both locations are relatively protected and ideal for kayaking. Thank you for the invite. I no longer have kayaks, but who knows, maybe in the future I will have one again….God bless you, Italo.

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