Dear Italo, I was watching your episodes on Bay of Quinte where you were fishing off of Big Island with your wife. I too fish the area, but more towards the Deseronto area, and I just wanted you to know how inspiring you are. As a young married man with two children I am always looking for new ways to introduce my family to fishing, and the way that you speak to children and your wife really inspired me. I really think you have a beautiful relationship with your wife and I only hope that my marriage will mature into one as beautiful as yours. I just wanted to take the time to honor you in that, because you are such a great role model to me. And I hope to take your tips out on the water with me this weekend as our family will be celebrating Mothers Day fishing in the Deseronto Yacht Club tournament. Thanks for being such a great role model in fishing, and more importantly in marriage and child rearing. Forever a fan, Dan Rooney

Posted on March 27th, 2015

Hi Dan…Thank youfor your words of encouragement…I receive them! I have been blessed with a wonderful wife and 4-wonderful children and enjoy being with them as much as I can. I also love children in general and really enjoy doing the “Fishing in your own backyard” segments. If you are looking for larger walleye (5-8lb.) this weekend, you will do well if you fish Hay Bay and bottom-bounce using worm-harnesses/worms in 10-20\’ of water. I have heard reports from personal friends that have fished there since opening and the worm harnesses/worms have been out-producing trolling or casting with crankbaits….God bless you & your family, Italo

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