Dear Italo, I live in Deseronto on the Bay of Quinte and was wondering how it was that you chose your filming requirements? I have always heard how great the fishing was on Quinte, but have found that my cottage lake (East Lake) has a way better fishery. We have cottaged there for 21 years now, and I have never seen a fishing show filmed there. Just curious as to why not, seeing as there is an abundance of both walleye and bass. I spoke with a MNR officer last year who raved about East Lakes fishery, and said it was healthier than West Lake. Just hoping to see a show filmed out there sometime. I\’m sure that you would enjoy the fast action, I know I have. Forever a Fan,

Posted on March 27th, 2015

Hi Dan…Thank you for your kind words. I normally choose the filming locations based on many factors. In some cases they are remote fly-in trips to lodges and wilderness camps, in others it\’s drive to locations where people can fish from shore or from a boat. For the drive-to locations I try and promote large bodies of water that have good public access and long open-seasons, and of course, where the fishing is good. The Bay of Quinte has always met all of the above and continues to produce excellent fishing from spring and in the case of walleye, right through the winter to the following spring. I started fishing East & West Lake in the early 70\’s and agree with you that the fishing is excellent there both in the summer and winter months. I have caught my largest pike fishing the weedlines at the north-end of East Lake (out from the old canning factory in Cherry Hill). I also started catching walleye in East & West Lake before they returned in high numbers to the Bay of Quinte. In my bass tournament fishing years I even pre-fished East Lake and hoped to be able to enter it from Lake Ontario through the outlet-channel, but I could not (wide, shallow sandbar at the mouth of the outlet). Perhaps in the future I will do a TV show there, but I am a little reluctant since it is not a large body of water and even though fish can move in and out from Lake Ontario, I don\’t know how it would do if the fishing pressure would increase dramatically….God bless you & your family, Italo

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