Dear Italo. I hope you are well! Can steelhead roe be used to catch steelhead? I have been trying this on the Maitland River, but so far no success. I don’t have roe from other species. Would live worms or other bait be a better option? Thanks!

Posted on May 1st, 2023

Hi Peter, I am OK. Fresh or treated Steelhead roe is one of the best baits to use to catch Steelhead. Small garden worms, nymph flies and small jigs with either 1-2″ soft plastic like twister-tails or plastic grubs can also work well. I think the reason you have not been catching Steelhead on the Maitland River is location. I have a feeling that if you are fishing areas that are holding Steelhead you will catch them…God bless you.

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