Dear Italo, Hoping for some recommendations. Two recently retired gents from Connecticut planning a fall (2017)fishing trip to Ontario to a “drive to” fishing camp for lakers, walleye, pike, etc.I believe that brook trout will be closed by then?) We are experienced sportsman and would like to find good fishing (mid to end of Sept) with a housekeeping camp that also provides boats and motors, and a good quality wilderness experience. If you can offer a few suggestions we would very much appreciate your knowledge. Thank you and best wishes.

Posted on January 26th, 2017

Hi Mark, thanks for your question. Lake & Brook Trout in much of the province of Ontario closes either the end of Sept. or around our Labor Day (Sept. 4, 2017). Having said that, I don’t know of any “drive-to” fishing camp that has excellent fishing for walleye, pike, lake trout & brook trout. Many drive-to camps do offer excellent walleye & pike fishing. Drive-to camps that also have lake trout is usually “marginal” fishing for them. Given the above, here are drive-to camps I can suggest from my experience which you can also go to our Italo Labignan YouTube channel, type in the names in the search engine (ex., Italo fishing Marmac Lodge) and view the footage. Please keep in mind that by Sept. weather can get unpredictable in northern Ontario and if cold-fronts move in the fishing can get tough. I would strongly suggest that if you can travel earlier, like by end of Aug., that you plan your trip than.


If you are looking for a true wilderness fishing adventure that you can drive/trail to at the top of my list is in northern Ontario are:

  • Marmac Lodge, . Have done several TV shows there.To get there you would drive to Chapleau, ON and then take the Bud Trail 88 miles where their staff would take you by boat to the camp…excellent accommodations & fishing.
  • Anderson’s Lodge, . I have not fished out of it, but I know it has a solid reputation.


  • Ritchie’s End of Trail, . Rustic accomodations, excellent fishing and facility. Filmed there in 2016 and returning in 2017!
  • Horwood Lake Lodge, . Rustic accommodations, good fishing & facility.
  • Air Ivanhoe, . Even though they have access to many fly-in lakes, their main lodge also has access to several lakes you can drive to.

Hope you have an excellent Ontario drive-to wilderness fishing experience…God bless you.


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