Dear Italo, First of all I should say I have learned from you quite a lot and I am indebted to you forever for that. Your show was extremely helpful to me when I started fishing and this “ask italo” forum has been tremendously useful and generous of you. However, I feel that more and more the “Canadian Sportfishing” is drifting away from what it was. The shows are becoming irrelevant specially timewise. While in most Canada ice fishing is in full swings, most shows are repeats of summer bass fishing or fall stealheading, etc. And the blog posts are more about sea fishing, which not much Canadian (well except the coasts). I am not complaining that the show is poor or that but it is not much “Canadin Sportfishing” anymore. Perhaps a name change to the show and website or a change in contents can fix this. Again, many thanks for all you have been doing in promoting sport fishing. Ray

Posted on January 13th, 2017

Hi Ray, thank you for your kind words and for expressing your opinion. I am a Canadian that fishes throghout Canada and the world. We have produced TV shows that are outside Canada since our inception in 1986. Presently, while I do some TV shows that are outside of Canada (about 1 %), most of the TV shows are shot in Canada.

With regards to repeating of TV shows, we presently produce 13-new episodes per year which premiere on WFN for one year and than are repeated on a multitude of other TV networks and stations. At most we produce 1-ice fishing show per year and in some years, we don’t produce any. Ice fishing represents a small portion of angling as opposed to open-water fishing and ice-conditions continue to be unpredictable especially in southern Ontarioi as our weather becomes more and more unpredictable (last ice-fishing season is a good example). The airing of the ice episodes is random depending where they are in the series line-up  and when they are repeated by networks. The can be re-broadcast at any time of the year.



With regards to the Italo’s Blog, it captures the fishing I am personally doing in real-time. It is not a blog on the fishing that is taking place in real-time in Canada, We do have a News section of our website where I post fishing news and fishing updates that relate to the fishing industry, record fish and Canadian fishing updates.

Right now I am in southwest Florida and have been here fishing saltwater for the last 2-months. Shortly I will be back in Ontario public speaking at the Toronto International Boat Show, Spring Fishing and Boating Show and the Toronto Sportsmen Show where I will be doing seminars that are relative to ice fishing and open water fishing in Canada.  My blog follows me, so when I ice fish in Ontario or steelhead fish in the winter time, you will see those blogs. Hope you continue to enjoy our TV shows, Ask Italo forum and follow-me on social media. My main goal is to continue to promote fishing and to help anglers catch more fish….God bless you.

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