Dear Italo, Could you please elaborate on walleye fishing at Upper Niagara river?Fishing regulation summary for this zone for is very confusing to me. It might be due to my unfamiliarity with this area. I have never fished there before.In particular I am interested in dates for opening and closing, including dates for no fishing sanctuaries for that area, as well as likely areas to try from the boat.Thank you very much. I hope my email is not very confusing.Sergey

Posted on March 18th, 2019

Hi Sergey, I will try and clear-up your confusion. Go to, and you will see that the Upper Niagara River is included in Zone 19 (Lake Erie) and Walleye are open all year. If you look in the 2nd page under Exceptions to General Rules it clearly states where the fish sanctuary boundaries are in Lake Erie….God bless you.

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