Can you write a little bit about brown trout locations in a small lake throughout the seasons? I think they are shallow in the spring, deep in the summer and then shallow again in the fall but am not 100% sure. Thank you!

Posted on September 4th, 2017

Hi Dako, brown trout have similar feeding patters and locations in small lakes as with rainbow and brook trout. The biggest difference that will determine each seasonal trout feeding depth/location will be water temperature.  The preferred temperature for each species is:

  • Brook trout 52-56F
  • Rainbow trout  55-60F
  • Brown trout 60-70F

The other factor that will affect Brown trout location in a small lake is spawning time which occurs in the fall. During Oct./Nov. brown trout will migrate from a main lake and move to streams, inlets and outlets to spawn when water temperatures are normally between 44-48F. In Ontario the inland trout fishing season usually ends in Sept.

So, firstly keep water temperature in mind to locate brown trout in a small lake. Secondly, try and find out what the main forage for the trout in that lake is; aquatic insects (invertabrates), crayfish, minnows, etc. Knowing what they are feeding on will give you additional understanding of what areas they will move to.

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