Can you tell me what action spinning rod is recommended for fishing a weightless Texas rig? I use a 6 and a half foot medium heavy. I’m not sure this is the correct action for a weightless worm.Thank you.

Posted on July 26th, 2018

HI Elliott, the action-type & length of rod you use should not be dictated by the weight of lure you are fishing, the type of presentation you are going to make and by the size of fish you are trying to catch.  Having said that, the length is important. Shorter rods tend to be “stiffer” and more designed for quick-hook sets where you need an instant response to a strike, like jigging plastic grubs, casting spinners, spinner-baits, etc.. If you are “finesse” fishing and using more finesse presentation, like a weightless Texas-rigged with soft-plastics, a longer rod in medium or even medium-light action will work best. The lighter rod will have a softer tip enable you let a fish that has picked up your plastic to inhale and start moving away with it without feeling much resistance. Once you feel the fish has the plastic/hook in it’s mouth you can make a smooth yet strong hook-set by pulling back on the rod firmly and reeling at the same time. If you have too stiff of a rod you could rip the plastic right out of a fish mouth.

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