Are wild caught fish in southern Ontario generally safe to eat? I know of mercury and lead and such contamination but what about parasites and bacteria and such? Perhaps in the summer there can be some worm like creatures in some species? Thank you Italo!

Posted on March 2nd, 2016

Hi Dako, they can be if they are caught from cleaner waters (not near industrial areas).

20160303 Eating Ontario Fish

The governement publishes a book annually titled, Eating Ontario Fish ,  which lists the best fish to eat and in what suggested quantity from various locations. I would encourage you to go to their website, download the .PDF file and see for yourself.

Bacteria in live fish is not normally an issue if the fish is cooked properly. Parasites are common in all living animals, including fish. There are a few common parasites that you find especially in warm-water fish like “black spot” and “white grub”. Sometimes these are noticable on the skin or flesh of the fish, sometimes they are not (depending what stage the parasite is in). If the fish is properly cooked it is not an issue.

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