Are brown trout and rainbows usually concentrated in the riffles of a river or slightly more downstream in deeper calmer water? Thank you!

Posted on August 12th, 2017

Hi Dako, depends. If you are talking about resident brown (not migratroy) and rainbows (not steelhead), browns are spookier than rainbows and will usually hold under undercut banks, log jams and deeper pools. Rainbows will often be in the shallower rapids, runs and out from cover.

If you are talking about migratory brown and steelhead, they behave the same. If they are close to spawning or if water levels are high, they will often lay in the “tail-out” of deeper runs and pools. If the water is clearer and normal level, they will both hold in the middle of deeper runs and pools and also in runs where there is cover from fallen trees, log jams, etc.

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