A while back you sent me a response to a question I had regarding fishing techniques in the weedy Kawartha Lakes. I either deleted it in error or misfiled it. Kindly send again. Many thanks RP

Posted on February 24th, 2020

Hi Ross, with the invasion of Zebra Mussels in many of our inland lakes including the Kawrtha’s in Ontario water has become clearer and walleye have changed some of their feeding habits. Many of the weedlines that produced walleye now only produce them early and late in the day. One of the best ways to catch walleye during the day in most of the Kawartha Lakes is to either;

  • fish right in the weeds dropping a jig/plastic grub with an action tail in the pockets
  • fish a twitch-bait right over the weeds that are growing in 8-12′ of water and rising up to within 4′ of the surface. Walleye can be drawn to come up form the weeds to hit a twitch-bait
  • lastly you can fish at dusk or just after it gets dark casting twitch-baits like the Rapala Husky Jerk over shallow structure ranging 2-8′ in depth line over extended points, shoals and even rock-piles surrounded by weeds. Walleye that normally stay in and around weeds in the daytime will start cruising and looking to feed over shallow-rock structure as it gets dark or very early in the morning before sunrise.
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