Quebec Tom Cod ice adventure.

Posted on December 31st, 2022

My wife Barbara and I just came back from an amazing Tom Cod ice fishing adventure in St. Anne de le Perades, Quebec with our good friends Linda Flood and Mike Borovic.

Tom Cod
Barbara smiles as she holds up a chunky Tom Cod she caught using shrimp through the ice.

This is the place where Atlantic Tom Cod come up from the St. Lawrence into the St. Anne River each winter to spawn. These fish are also called locally as “Christmas-fish” since many people start ice fishing for them right after Christmas.

Tom Cod
Male Tom Cod are long and slender compare to the females that are full of eggs.

We stayed in beautiful heated ice huts where everything was provided; fishing rigs, bait, and wood for the wood burning stove.

Tom Cod
Tom Cod are so plentiful during Dec. to Feb. in the St. Anne River, Quebec that anglers can catch many to enjoy at home.

The fishing was so good that we did indeed ended up taking a “pile” of fish home to enjoy.

If you would like to experience this amazing winter fishery you can contact http://www.centredepechemarceau.com/introang.html .


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