Proper filleting Trout.

Posted on September 11th, 2016

Here’s a step-by-step system that Captain Aldo Nava, www.niagarafishingadventures.com , uses to fillet eating-size trout & salmon for his guests.

057A9697 flexibleknife

The first thing is to have a proper, flexible fillet knife like the Rapala EZ Glide fillet knife.

057A9698 removing_fillet

Next, he starts by inserting the knife behind the head just to the vertibrae and rib cage.

057A9699 filleting

From there he makes a smooth cut to separate the fillet form the body right to the tail.

057A9704  removingribs

When both fillets are removed he carefully uses the flex of the fillet knife and gently removes the rib cage.

057A9702 bellyfat

Lastly he trims the belly fat. This removes any contaminants that may have been deposited in the fatty-tissue and also makes for less fatty, better tasting fish, no matter how you prepare it.

057A9705 rinse

The boneless and fat-less fillets are rinsed off, allowed to slightly dry, bagged and kept on ice until the angler gets home. Aldo leaves the skin on so the fish can be easily identified and leaves the fillet whole so it’s easy to guess the size of the fish!


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