Pre-fish for Walleye on the Detroit River, ON produced lot’s of walleye!

Posted on June 14th, 2010

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My wife Barbara & I, and Gary Hodge & Grant McAllister of www.g2angling.com , headed down to Windsor, ON on Thurs., to cover the 8th annual ICHA Handicapable Fishing Derby.  Gary & Grant arrived mid-day and hit the water upon their arrival.  Within 1-hr., they were fighting trophy walleye drifting the Detroit River right around the Ambassador Bridge.  We met that night for dinner, talked about their success and bet at the La Salle boat launch around 5:30am the next morning.  My wife Barbara & I were joined by Mike Atkins, while Gary & Grant fished from their G2 boat.  Within 2 hrs. we had caught almost a dozen walleye and headed back to the boat launch.  All of our fish were caught fishing 40-50′ of water and using 1 1/2-3 oz. bottom walking sinkers with Lucky Strike worm harnesses.  Our choice of gear was the Rapala Shift & R-Type baitcasting and spinning outfits loaded with 20 lb. Rapala Taitanium Braid line.  Most of the walleye were in the 1 1/2-3lb. range, but we did manage to land two 5-lb. fish!

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