“Pop” goes the Rapala X-Rap Pop.

Posted on August 29th, 2020

I love to catch summer time Smallmouth Bass on top-water lures and one of my favorite is the Rapala X-Rap Pop. It casts far, makes a big bubble on the surface and very loud “pop” when you give it a sharp tug with a tight line. And, when it’s at rest on the surface only the head & eyes are above the water line. The rear of the lure with the “flash-tail” hangs down making it easy for a Smallmouth to zero-in on it and smash it.

Whenever I’m fishing top-water lures I prefer to use a braided line with a stiffer baitcasting of spinning rod. Using the stiffer rod and a no stretch line gives me the ability to work the top-water lure slowly and tantalizing or fast and aggressive. Once a fish strikes I wait to feel it on and set the hook. Braided lines also provide a better hook-set.

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