Plastic pipe kayak rod holders.

Posted on March 30th, 2022

Kayak fishing is becoming more and more popular. Many kayaks are especially outfitted with propulsion systems, fishfinders and multiple rod holders.

Our good friend Scott Clark who loves to kayak fish send us these images of an inexpensive, good looking and very functional way to make a “rocket launcher” style rod holder system for kayaks.

Kayak rod holders.
The base of the pipe rod holder fits safely and snuggly in the existing single rod holders.

Scott used plastic pipe and connectors to rig his system so that it would fit in the existing built-in single rod holders on either side of his kayak behind the seat.

Kayak rod holders.
To facilitate leaning back on the seat the rod holder base is extended back about 12″ for easy access to rods and net.

Rods held behind the seat are easy to reach and don’t get in the way of sideways casting.

Kayak rod holders.
Rods can be stored up-right or angled back from the chair.

The rod holders can be adjusted so that they are straight-up or leaning back.

Kayak rod holders.
Simple way to store 4-rods or 3-rods and a net.
Kayak rod holders.
The finished rod-rack, slick, out of the way and easy to access.

Besides holding spare rods, it also a smart place to store a net so it’s easily to access when fighting a fish and stored away safely afterwards.

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