Plastic grubs for flats Snook fishing.

Posted on December 17th, 2018

I love to fish the south-west Florida flats for a variety of fish that include snook and redfish. You can use live or dead bait to catch these fish and wait for them to swim by, but I like to actively move the ProSports2000 with the Motorguide Xi5 and cast to the endless miles of mangrove shorelines.

My top choice for getting both species of fish to hit is a 1/4 oz jighead rigged with a Lunker City Swimmin’ Ribster. The Ribster has a totally serrated body that is supple and undulates with any movement in the jig. It’s paddle tail slaps the water from side to side sending out vibration that attract even distant fish to come closer and investigate.

The technique is simple, cast close to the base of the mangroves, let the jig drop and retrieve it pretty fast with a jigging action. If I cast to open water away from the mangroves I fish it as a swim-bait, just cast it out and reel it in slowly.

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