Pinning for gold, carp that is!!

Posted on October 5th, 2017

I recently had the chance to fish with Steve Istvanov who distributes Carp Zoom in North America and Benjamin Reubeni who loves to fish and makes an amazing centre-pin reel.


We fished 2-different locations using 13′, 3-piece Rapala drift rods and centre-pin reels loaded with 10 and 12 lb. test Sufix Seige line.


Our choice of baits were the series of scented Carp Zoom corn-bait. My favorite is the Honey flavor while Steve did well with the Mussel and Benjamin with the Plum flavor.


It was interesting that we did not get high number of carp, but the ones we hooked were good size and fought incredibly well to the point that on the “take”, our rods were even pulled off the rod-pods!


As the water gets colder carp will feed even heavier before the really cold weather and eventual freeze-over. Now until the end of Nov. is an excellent time to go after these very worthy piscavorial adversaries!!

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