Pink Salmon.

Posted on October 7th, 2021

If you’re a tributary fishermen either on Canada’s west coast or in the Great Lakes watershed you have probably targeted fall salmon when they make their way into rivers to eventually spawn.

PInk Salmon.
BC river Pinks can grow big and eagerly take a well presented fly, jig or smaller artificial lure.

On our Pacific coast one of the most abundant salmon species is the Pink Salmon. These fish average in size from 1-5lb. with some reaching 7lb. in size. Pinks can run by the millions up some of their native rivers.

Pink Salmon.
Lake Huron tributaries that were once stocked with Pink Salmon have done well and anglers can enjoy catching them each fall.

In the Great Lakes Pink Salmon have been introduces in only a few rivers where they have adapted well. In Ontario Lake Huron has some of the best Pink Salmon runs in the Sault Ste. Marie, ON region.

PInk Salmon.
Brightly colored hair jigs can work well fished “swimming” style in the water column on their own or jigged suspended under a float.

Anglers both on the west coast and in Ontario can have fun catching Pinks on everything form pink jigs, small spoons and spinners and even small wobbling plugs like the Luhr Jensen Hot Shot and KwikFish. The key is to locate undisturbed with in deeper runs and pools.  While silver Pinks and even fresh-run pinks are very good eating, darker fish take on a stronger flavor and most anglers release them.

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