Pike Ice TV show using Trapstix “tip-downs” and live minnows, Little Lake, ON.

Posted on January 27th, 2012

[nggallery id=671]We just finished shooting a pike ice fishing TV show on Little Lake, ON using the Trapstix/Wind-Jig “tip-down” system with live minnows.  My guests on this show was my good friend Ryan Edenborough who is an expert angler, guide and works his summers guiding at Red Pine Wilderness Lodge.  We also had the pleasure of having  Bronsyn Walker-Martin, a 14-yr old angler who guided Ryan out on the lake about 2-weeks ago.  Bronsyn lives in Barrie, ON and fishes as much as he can…and he is very good at it!!

The last time I fished Little Lake near Barrie, ON was about 35-yrs ago in the summer time.  Back than we cast #5 size spinners to the reeds and caught pike between 3-5 lb., walleye from 2-4lb., and bass.  To my surprise, the pike fishing is still excellent on Little Lake.  We landed no monsters, but who can complain when you catch about a dozen pike in the 2-5 lb. range in just a few hours fishing with live minnow-rigs!  This was a great opportunity to feature the new Trapstix “tip-down” fishing system that utilizes a special plastic device which actually “jigs” your minnow/lure using the energy of the wind!!

Trapstix was developed over 20 years ago with three basic goals in mind.  One, to eliminate most if not all common problems associated with conventional tip ups.  Two, make ice-fishing FUN and SIMPLE for all ages and for all skill levels.

Our day started a little later (Toronto traffic!!), and we arrived at the Little Lake, ON landing at about 9:30am.  By the time we unloaded the Yamaha ATV, organized all out gear and make runs back and forth to the fishing area, it was already 10:30.  Air temperature was around -1C, but with pretty strong winds, the wind-chill factor made it feel more like -10C.  Good thing we had the Rapala 3-man & 6-man Ice Shacks , which we regularly took shelter in.  We used the Rapala Vortex power ice auger to cut about a dozen holes through the 14-16″ of ice with ease.

We also use a special Tip Up line made by Cortland which is PVC coated and won’t freeze with the Trapstix rigs.  We used Gamakatsu trebles in a #4 size  and Gamakatsu single hooks in the #2 size to hook our 4″ emerald shiners.

We cut holes covering depths from 15-10′ in depth just off the south-west weedline.  You can see the spot where we caught all our fish by going to out UFindFish app. and going to Little Lake, ON!

Little Lake has great access, free parking and is an ideal lake to take the whole family ice-fishing, and especially fishing with young anglers.  You can get your minnows at Rack n’ Reel Bait Tackle and Hunting Accessories at 250 Innisfil St., Barrie, ON (705) 737-4819 which is just 5 min. away.

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